What’s Right With Kids Today?

It’s on the news every day: kids today are fatter, lazier, dumber, meaner.  They’re less respectful, less active.  They are constantly bullying, texting, sexting.

And adults everywhere are wondering, what’s wrong with kids today?

Of course, when we were kids, the adults were wondering the same thing.  It seems adults have always found fault with what kids were learning, or doing, or just being. (more…)


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New Look for Winsome Parenting

I am pleased to unveil a new look for the blog, and especially excited about my new logo!

winsome parenting logo

My new logo!

Lots of people think that if you’re artsy (like me) then you can design your own logo, easy-peasy.  What they don’t realize is the skill it takes to create a simple but memorable piece of graphic design–a skill that I don’t have.  So I knew I needed the help of a professional.

Unfortunately, professionals cost money, which I also don’t have.  But then I stumbled across a new design-bartering website: desbar.com.  It’s a place for web designers to barter their work with web developers and other creative online people.  I created a profile and explained what I was looking for.  I wasn’t sure anyone would take me up on my offer, since I didn’t have any web expertise that’s in high demand.  But, lucky for me, I met Margarit, an artist who offered to design my logo to show the design network how the bartering process works.

Margarit asked for information about the website and what types of designs inspire me.  We talked over skype and I emailed him a bunch of logo images that I liked from all different websites.  He designed three possible logos, and they were all so good that I had trouble choosing.  But I’m very pleased with my final choice because I think it really captures the flavor of the blog and my intention:  to show how parenting can be fun and rewarding.

Thanks so much to Margarit!  You can see his other work at ralev.com and if you’re a web designer or other creative type, take a look at desbar.com 

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Why are Parents Obsessed With Sharing?

The scene:  neighborhood play group

Little Oliver is playing happily with his stuffed bear, and another kid sidles over and rips it out of his hands.  Oliver wants it back, but his mum says, “Let’s share your bear!  This little boy wants to play with it.”  Oliver holds it together and wanders over to the sandbox, where he sees a shovel next to a girl.  He picks it up, the girl freaks, and Oliver’s mom pulls the shovel out of his hands, returning it to the little girl.  “We need to share the shovel, Oliver.”

Have you ever seen this?  A parent who is so obsessed with sharing that her rules are: whenever someone wants what you have, you give it to them, but whenever you want something someone else has, you can’t have it. (more…)

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Can You Keep Your Kid from Therapy?

Lori Gottlieb has a piece in The Atlantic, the kind of article I read from start to finish before reading all the comments and then also reading the Motherlode post and comments too.  All while mumbling at the screen.

Gottlieb’s premise is that in our quest for perfect parenting, we are actually–irony of ironies–ruining our kids more than ever, sending them to therapy in droves and leaving them with lifetime dissatisfaction and helplessness.   (more…)

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Freedom’s Just Another Word

How much freedom do you give your kids?



Are you a Permissive Paula or a Controlling Carla?


The Permissive Paulas of the world let their kids wear tutus in public (heck, even the boys), don’t stress if the broccoli sits untouched at dinner, don’t think there’s a right and wrong way to play with toys, and are proud of their free-range lifestyle. (more…)

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How Parenting is like Commuting

New research confirms what we all intuitively know about commuting: it’s not good for us, especially the 180-minute extreme commutes that some people experience each day.

It got me thinking how a long commute is something that has a very simple solution, but not necessarily an easy one.  In fact, there are two simple solutions to a long commute:  you can change where you work or you can change where you live.   (more…)

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Worry is the New Greed

When it comes to the seven deadly sins, greed is one that we all recognize even on the oldest versions of the list.   (Unlike “acedia,” which I had never even heard of.)  Greed is when you have an excessive amount of desire, especially when it comes to money or power.  In our modern world, I think another type of greed has evolved–an excessive desire for complete safety.  This greed expresses itself in the form of worry, and there are examples of it everywhere you look, but you do not know the depths of this worry until you hang around with a bunch of moms. (more…)

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