Winsome Parenting is all about finding the joy and contentment in parenthood. Parenting, like life, has its ups and downs–you win some, you lose some–but parenting can also be the most rewarding thing you do.  This blog will share practical advice for becoming the parent you want to be.

About Me

My name is Laura Klink and I started Winsome Parenting because I saw so many new parents doubting themselves and looking for reassurance.  As a classroom teacher for over 8 years, I saw hundreds and hundreds of parent-child interactions, and you know what I realized?  It’s not as hard as it looks, this parenting thing.  In fact, the parents had to go out of their way to make life difficult for themselves and their kids, to create stress out of thin air.  If they could just relax, trust themselves, and enjoy each other’s company, life would be a whole lot easier, right?

At least those were the thoughts of a single, child-less me.  Jump ahead to today and I am the mother of a toddler, getting to put all of my great theories into practice.   And you know what?  I make it look easy. .  .because it is.

Talk to me when the teenage years hit.


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